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Achill Island Seasalt

The O’Malley family started business in 2013, this started in their own kitchen and expanded to a custom modified facility in Building Bunacurry Co. Mayo in 2016. They have a nationally recognised award winning brands.

Crossogue Preserves

The Malloy family are located in Ballycahill, Thurles, Co.Tipperary. The Crossogue business is 26 years running. They started off only using produce from their garden and hedgerows on the farm.Learning traditional methods from her mother in law lead to creating a range of preserves for the family. This is when the selling of the produce started at the local markets and soon expanded.

Big Red Kitchen

In 2010 Nichola Smyth started her business adventure down a country lane nestled in the Boyne Valley, Co.Meath. Even though her business has grown the products are still made in her own kitchen and have won numerous awards and accolades over the past decade.

Burren Balsamics

Founded in 2014 and produced in Co.Armagh. Burren Balsamic’s are producing top quality vinegars, fusing local flavours with superior quality balsamic vinegar of Modena to create a delicious range of affordable condiments.

Mic’s Chilli

Mic developed a love of fine chilli sauce when on an exploration of Belize in 1994. After lots of research and testing he is producing handmade products from from Habanero chillies and other natural ingredients his secret dungeon in Kilcoole, Co.Wiclow.

On the pigs back

Isabella Sheridan established her business in 1992 as she started selling products in the English market in Co.Cork. Issabella has won many awards on pâté and terrines. Isabella also has a deli and café opened in Douglas, Co.Cork since 2009.

Wild Irish Foragers

Located in Co.Offaly, Wild Irish Foragers is a small 5 th generation farm. In 2013 Gordon and Sharon started a small business by personally hand harvesting from their farm. Future plans are to open the farm land and farmyards to the public for each individual to understand the procedure of harvesting your own produce.

Kilbeggan Handmade Chocolate

Situated on the banks of the river brosna and in the shadow of Kilbeggan, Co.Westmeath. Mick has a bean to bar chocolate company, making bespoke luxury chocolates. Due to high demand Mick decided to expand his business and has recently opened up his own café in the same location as mentioned above.

Mella’s Irish Butter Fudge

Mella started making her traditional crumbly, butter fudge for the local sweet shop as a young school girl. Located in the south west of Ireland and now based in Clonakilty, Co.Cork. Mella’s fudge is gluten free and handmade in small batches. She has also won 3 gold stars at
the taste awards in London.

Irish Atlantic Sea Salt

Martin and Aileen O’Neill produce Irish Atlantic Sea Salt flakes at their home on the beautiful Beara Peninsula, West Cork. Michael’s late father Bernie thought of the wonderful idea of making Irish sea salt. He convinced Martin and Aileen to take on the task and helped them discover the perfect production process. They officially launched their product in 2010, sadly Bernie was not there to share this excitement with them.

Nic & Ali Sweets

This company is an Irish owned family business. Nic and Ali are two girls who together with their family have created an exclusive mouth watering brand of confectionery.

Graham’s Mustard

Situated in the heard of Boyne Valley near Sloane, Co.Meath. Graham started off messing around with the kitchen recreating a whole grain mustard from his grandmother. With such a great response from the public they decided to take it to the local market to sell and the
business demand for the product expanded.

Keogh’s Crisps

Keogh’s would be a known product for many people in Ireland as they have stock of their products in many stores around Ireland. Their products are also gluten free. Keogh’s have been farming the fertile lands of North Dublin for over 200 years.

Nutshed Peanut butter

Eliza and Evie Ward are sisters and food maker’s from Nenagh, Co.Tipperary. Their love for food started very young watching their mam stir thousands of chutneys and jams.

Chez Emily Chocolate

Ferdinand and Helena live in a delightful rural area in Dublin. Their lives are entwined around chocolate and their business was established in 1996. Using the finest callebaut chocolate from Ferdinand’s homeland in Belgium. Everything is manufactured on site at the production site at their home in The Ward, Co.Dublin.

West Cork Biscuit Co.

Established in 2003 Jane and Richard set up a stall at Clonakilty farmers market and their business grew from there. Fine Irish ingredients are the heart of their biscuits. Using Irish butter, free-range eggs from a small West Cork farm, top quality oats and many other natural products sourced in Ireland.

Jj Darboven Coffee

It’s a family run business based in Hamburg in its fourth generation for over 150 years. Albert Darboven is now running this business. It all started in 1866 Johann Darboven became the first to package roasted coffee in bags and then delivered them to households by mail order. In 1915 the brands first idea appeared, which in 1927 allowed the market to release it as a coffee brand.

Nick’s Tea

Nick’s tea started like many Irish family businesses at the kitchen table. 2011 was when it all began and since has achieved the highest accolades winning many national food awards. Nick’s business is based in Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Co.Dublin.

Hassett’s Biscuits

Michael Hassett’s passion for baking developed during his time working across Europe. Michael started his own bakery in1984 in Douglas,Co.Cork. In 1988 he opened his first shop and in 1995 he expanded into the nearby town of Carrigaline. 34 years later Michael now offers a wide range of products and is continuing to grow.

Wild Irish Seaweed

Established in 2009 by Gerard and Eileen Talty. Seaweed harvesting has been a long family tradition with Michael Snr aka Granda. Michael was a purchaser for Irish marine products from 1960’s-1980’s. When the Talty family started they had just 2 products in their local shop Carrageen and Dillisk, They now have over 23 products spread across 3 ranges; Edinle, Skincare and Pet land land care. All wild Irish seaweeds grow wildly off the coast of Co.Clare.

Berna’s Dressings

Berna and husband David ran a successful delicatessen called Thyme out in the village of Dalkey, Co.Dublin. Starting from their kitchen creating 3 salad dressings. Customers were giving great feed back and loved their products. That’s when Berna and David decided to start bottling and selling the dressings.

Glasson Rapeseed Oil

All of the crops are grown using eco-till techniques. Their bee hives are the home of thousands of busy workers that help pollinate their oilseed rape and flex seed crops. They grow all of their own seeds, then press and bottle the products. Glasson is located in Athlone, Co.Westmeath.

Glen field Rapeseed Oil

Fintan Larkin runs a small family farm in Coolderry, which lies on the boarders of Laois, Galway, Tipperary and Offaly. Fintan grows cereals,he loves the process involved, the ploughing, sowing and harvesting of the crops. He began growing rapeseed a number of years ago in order to produce an alternative source of energy on the farm in order to reduce costs. Initially the crop was used to fuel his tractors and heat the house using the by-known product known as “cake”. After some research it jumped at Fintan that there is a commercial use of rapeseed, and that’s when he started producing rapeseed oil as an alternative to other oils.

Kilbeggan Organic Foods

All of the crops are grown using eco-till techniques. Their bee hives are the home of thousands of busy workers that help pollinate their oilseed rape and flex seed crops. They grow all of their own seeds, then press and bottle the products. Glasson is located in Athlone, Co.Westmeath.

Gubben Farmhouse

Gubbeen farmhouse have been producing cheese since 1979. Tom and Giana Ferguson are the owners of the 250 acres farm in Schull Co.Cork. They have also been the recipient of numerous awards both nationally and internationally.

Millhouse Organic Farm

Mark Wright and Audrey Hession set up they’re successful organic farm business in 2008. Growing a wide range of certified organic vegetables on their 4 hectare farm..

Coolantin Chedder

Tom Burgees has been producing top quality milk from his pasture fed cows in west
Wicklow for 20 years. He then decided to reflect this quality to mature raw milk cheddar and
has his stock in many premises.

Dunany flour

Dunany Organic Flour is grown, dried, milled and packaged in Dunany, Co Louth by the Workman Family. Dunany Farm is a traditional 4th generation enterprise, producing full symbol organic cereals since 2006. The Workman family have developed their flour business using 100% natural organic grains, harvested on their farm at Dunany on the unspoilt East coast of Ireland.

Culcow Ice-Cream

James Kirwan produces delicious luxury artisan ice-cream on his farm in Banagher Co.Offaly. Most of their ice-creams and sorbets are gluten free, using natural ingredients only. All sorbets produced are suitable for vegans.

Miena’s Nougat

Created in the Glen of Imall, Co.Wiclow, surrounded by lush Irish countryside. Miena has had her kitchen certified gluten free meaning all her products are ceoliac friendly. Timeless recipes were tweaked with a fusion of South African, Irish and continental influences.

The Foods of Athenry

Established in 2004 by the lawless family. If a discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind,then the Lawless family took what life threw at them in the early 2000’s. They sold their cows in 2004 and moved the balcony into the now empty milking parlour. Our granola and muesli are gluten and vegan free. Our toasts are gluten and wheat free.

Just Live A Little

Jill and David live in a little farmhouse beside strangford Lough Co.Down. In 2011 they both worked at a farmers market selling yoghurt. Realising the little yoghurt was a little tart to eat on its own, that’s when they started baking granola in their kitchen. They were baking every night and soon realised it wasn’t going to work anymore. So that’s when they turned their shed into a small bakery to keep up with the demand of their product.